Mitigating Multicultural Mishaps through Candid Conversations





GDF-USA Global Dialogue Foundation – US (GDF-USA) empowers people of all diversity dimensions to promote cultural competence and understanding. Doing so fosters inclusive relationships, better individual and organizational decision making thus uplifting humanity.


Global Dialogue Foundation – US (GDF-USA) builds candid conversation skills and provides opportunities for Unity in Diversity Dialogues that lead to sustainable social change by promoting values of inclusion, equity and diversity across cultures and communities.

------We Dare to Disrupt the Impact of Bias-----



Make A Difference - We deliver services that help others initiate and participate in candid conversations about race, justice, economics, housing, healthcare, education and other inequities in society. GDF-USA members become empowered to speak up and compassionately listen.


Courage We lean into fear knowing all is not perfect. We realize we cannot do everything that the world needs, while knowing the world needs everything we can do.


Diversity - We keep at the forefront that each of us is a culture of one- we are uniquely different, yet we are all connected. Our decisions and opinions affect others. We encourage, respect and value diverse perspectives.


Grace Empathy, compassion, and the assumption of positive intent provides the foundation for innovation and sustainable change.




GDF Unity in Diversity (International) works in the field of citizen diplomacy and uses dialogue to promote intercultural understanding. In collaboration with the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, our objective is to initiate, promote and foster cooperation among the global community in a range of intercultural initiatives that aim to establish a peaceful and safer coexistence. GDF-USA supports and fosters initiatives through its USA offerings. Additionally, GDF-USA participates in United Nations Alliance of Civilizations actions as they relate to the United States efforts.

The Vision of United Civilizations®

GDF Workshop at UN DPI/NGO Conference, NY

22-23 August 2018

Pece Gorgievski, Chairman and CEO of GDF and board member of GDF-USA; Lenora Billings-Harris, Founder and CEO of GDF-USA

During the 67th UN NGO/DPI Conference, GDF representatives from Germany, Australia, U.S.A and India, presented a workshop on the vision of “United Civilizations - UC"



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