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Unity in Diversity Academy 

The Academy fosters community-based dialogue as a practical and effective process to transform controversial conversations into productive discussions that produce dynamic outcomes. During the immersion process, you will be a member of a small cluster of people, from all walks of life, who will  experience an intensive exploration of diversity, equity, justice, inclusion and belonging. The cluster sessions are virtual and/or in-person (depending on the location demographics of the cluster). The application process is necessary to ensure that each cluster is diverse in many ways, in order to enhance the learning experience.

The Academy Immersion Process Provides: 
  • 3 month virtual and in-person learning, networking and sharing 
  • On-demand video-based learning 
  • Deep Dive conversations with small group clusters 
  • Large group opportunities with DEI thought leaders and candid conversation experts 
  • Detailed Journal 
  • Certification of Completion


Member Takeaways and Opportunities: 
  • Personal Diversity Assessment 
  • Workbook filled with resources 
  • Interaction with others who want sustainable change in the areas of justice, diversity, inclusion and equity

  • Special Guest Experts 
  • Solid tools and strategies that support your aspirations for sustainable positive change  

  • And much more  


By the Time You Finish You Will: 
  •  Understand bias and how it impacts your actions and decisions  
  • Be able to participate in and lead candid conversations that address challenging community issues (e.g. race, housing, healthcare; education; justice, the workplace, etc.)
  • Be able to successfully use the S.T.O.P. technique to mitigate micro-aggressions and micro-inequities
  • Have a personal written strategy to sustain new behaviors that demonstrate inclusive allyship and advocacy
  • Have the opportunity, as an Academy graduate to provide and seek ongoing support from colleagues to foster community problem solving that starts with honest and inclusive dialogue to address tough issues.   



Contact us to explore ways to support GDF-USA via in-kind and financial contributions. 



There is so much to do to bring about unity in diversity that no one organization can do it alone. Therefore, we welcome alliances with other not-for-profit organizations with similar missions and goals. There is no charge to form an Alliance – just an agreement to be mutually supportive and promote each other’s organizations in the best way possible. If you are interested in forming an Alliance with us, please click here to contact us. 

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