Jamaica: Out of Many One People

Jamaica: Out of Many One People

My expedition ended abruptly on January 31st. The end was not COVID or health-related. I will write about the experience in more detail next week. Although we did not visit Jamaica as planned on this trip, we have visited this beautiful island over 40 times. My comments below reflect my research, many of my photos, and my experiences on earlier visits.

Jamaica is the largest English-speaking Caribbean Island and the fourth largest island in the Caribbean, following Cuba, Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), and Puerto Rico.

Jamaica is one of the islands of the West Indies.  The region’s name, West Indies, was given by Columbus, who, on his earlier trip across the Atlantic landing in the Bahamas, thought he had landed in India. The island had been named Xaymaca by Cubans, who also called it “the land of blessed gold”.

Columbus arrived in Jamaica in 1494 on his second voyage. He was met by the indigenous Arawak (also...

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